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Our Services caters to public and private organisations, educational institutions, governments, non-profit organisations and financial sectors. Our multi-disciplinary expertise teams bring together broader industry experiences and solutions with comprehensive knowledge and expertise to provide value-added outcomes.

Our approach to our services generally involves the below:

  • Practical – Implementing insights, ideas and solutions that are realistic, measurable and visible and are effective
  • Collaboration – We involve you actively and engage in-order to build on what is already present and fill the gaps (knowledge and skills) including recommending tailored solutions
  • Partnering - We understand how important it is to transfer our expertise to the organisations while encouraging and adapting to the on-going change while successfully transitioning through our strengths for a sustainable growth
  • Review – We continue to seek and involve what was delivered and work with you to identify continuous improvements while you focus on your customers and services

Advisory Services

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We combine the strengths of strategic relationships to deliver industry solutions to your business needs. At Vivenns, we assist organisations implement business strategies to innovate and reduce costs while managing risks and deliver growth. More importantly leverage talent from their own assets (people and infrastructure) to adapt to ever changing market needs and increase the global footprints or success.

Our Advisory Services are subdivided into below, which sometimes overlaps with each other, namely;

  • Strategic Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Governance and Risk Management
  • Business Re-engineering or Process Management
  • Information Technology and Infrastructure

Consulting Services

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Our subject matter experts or specialists are ready to help enable you to achieve effective 360degree support and guidance along with achieving efficiencies in business processes and system configurations including documentations. They offer valuable insights and alternative options to help you maintain single source of truth and high levels of data accuracy to give you a competitive edge in the long term.

By having wide range of cross industry sector experience and success in understanding your business context and needs, our Consulting team can help you achieve your goals and objectives in a well-structured approach while minimising duplications and focusing on value-added outcomes.

Software Services

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Leveraging Technology innovations or solutions is extremely important in today’s Business performance as well sustaining growth and efficiencies in operations. Information Technology is a key enabler in an effective and well managed IT service that can provide the edge for any business organisation in this competitive environment and marketplace.

It is very critical to adapt to the technology solutions that is rightly implemented and managed with effective governance structure. IT sometimes is complex and challenging and could be a expensive if things not go according to the plans along with valuable loss of people, time and potential customer service or customers.


Support Services

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Our support team are always there to handle all your administrative and back-office needs while you focus on your customers and operations. Our professional support team has the expertise and backgrounds to quickly adapt to your business needs and provide effective services along with identifying any potential gaps and issues to improve the efficiencies.

We also establish similar infrastructure or use your setups so that you can maximise the support team services while effectively delivering the outcomes. We use all types of mediums to engage and provide ongoing support with the same data set for you to achieve single source of truth at any given point of time.